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Switchboard is Moving the Mission Forward

What if every believer found a role in God's global story?

Organizations innovating with Switchboard

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Mission Sustainability

Empowering Great Commission Organizations (GCOs) with tools and resources to move the mission forward.

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Mobilizing the 99%

Enabling believers to find meaningful impact in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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Personal Connection

Connecting individual believers around the world together to live out their roles in the God's global story.

There are millions of believers who want to do more but don't know how. They have talents to give but don't know where to look or who to ask.

At the same time there are thousands of Great Commission Organizations and individuals (GCO) who are actively laboring in mission work globally, who feel they don't have enough help to do what God's called them to.

This leaves one group feeling like their faith and vocation are disconnected and another feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

One groups feels underutilized wondering how to steward their talents and another stuck in scarcity and tempted to bear the burden alone.

But God has gifted his church with talents and skills for a reason. And he can provide what is necessary for the mission he calls his people to. What if we could mobilize the 99% of the church to serve and support the 1% serving full-time?

As believers make Great Commission connections they discover purpose, hope, friendship and impact. They move from isolated and unengaged to serving in the mission together.

Find your impact or build your team.

Download the Find Your Impact worksheet to explore what great commission opportunities you can launch into
Download the Build Your Dream Team worksheet to imagine what it would look like to have your mission at full capacity.

Find your impact guide

Connections Made
for Mission

Switchboard is a platform that lets believers around the world connect as they work to fulfill the great commission.

Switchboard customize preferences

Customize preferences

When you build your profile, you can set preferences for what kind of connections you're looking for.

And if you find yourself in a busy season, just hit pause and we won't match you to new connections.

Browse opportunities

We'll suggest matches based on your profile or request, but you get to choose your connections.

You can always browse through what opportunities are available and make a connection.

Build distributed ministry teams

Ready to take the next step and level up your ministry? Imagine having all your critical roles filled.

There are thousands of believers looking for Great Commission engagement opportunities.

Ministry security

Security matters to us.

Our platform is designed to keep you conversations secure and the ministries on the field safe.

Available Connections

These are topics we are currently matching GCOs and KCs for Great Commission conversations.