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Jun 14, 2024
June 14, 2024

I am called…so are you!

I’m waking up this morning with a cup of coffee in the north woods of Wisconsin. Mist is rising off the lake and it’s a cool 45 degrees F. Rain is on the way.

I am called…so are you!

Dan, a volunteer consultant I met recently - a Kingdom Consultant - is working mid-afternoon in Romania. Dan’s helping the Levanta ministry in the Dominican Republic to revamp their web site.  The Dasa ministry in the Philippines - a Great Commission Organization - is winding down from the day’s outreach as their evening arrives. Mitchell and our web team in Texas have new software enhancements ready to drop in a few hours. 

The Great Commission of Jesus* - to make disciples in all nations while teaching them all He commanded -  is purposed in all these things. Every day, every second.

You are part of the Great Commission too. The Global Switchboard exists to connect skilled Believers with ministry teams who need their specific expertise. All people. All nations. Maybe a one-hour conversation. Maybe a few hours each week for a “Virtual” project or challenge. People reading this blog are one click away from getting - or giving help, in Jesus’ name. Please do!

2,000 years ago the “Silk Road” trade routes spidered out from Damascus as far east as Luoyang. News of Jesus accelerated as people traveled, connected and shared the news. Mixed in with concerns of wars and economic hardships were accounts of hope and freedom newly found in Jesus, the Christ.

You’re reading this as you navigate your own singular journey along the [New] Silk Road - the internet!  Switchboard is here to help you build relationships and most importantly -  to get things done in Jesus’ name. Ministries need skilled help. Believers want to provide that help. And they don’t need to be co-located.  Let’s connect and serve the purpose of the Great Commission. 

I’ll update you right here as we learn more from our co-workers in Christ. Will you please take a minute to share your recent experiences with Switchboard? Just send an email to and mention the “I am are you!” blog. 

Be encouraged!  


*Matthew 28:19-20