Apr 5, 2023

Security for GCOs

Using Switchboard in High-risk Contexts

Security for GCOs

Switchboard exists to connect Christians from around the world with organizations serving the Great Commission. We want to create a platform where all users feel. Connected empowered and secure. If your organization works in a high risk or sensitive context. Please consult your organization’s cybersecurity department about using online services and communicating with other users on Switchboard.

This security overview is most valuable for our GCOs. If you are a Kingdom Consultant, feel free to browse this information. For more about security practices and expectations for Kingdom Consultants, message

Security Recommendations

Use Aliases and Pseudonyms

The best security practice is to share as little information as possible. In some cases, even that information could put you or your organization at risk. We recommend utilizing an alias or pseudonym for yourself and your organization if you operate in high-risk regions of the world.

Browse with a VPN

By utilizing a VPN, you can more safely explore Switchboard. VPNs are used to encrypt all traffic between your computer and a server in another (ideally friendly) location.

Maintain relationships through more secure channels

We create your initial match using email, introducing you to your volunteer through an email. However, email is not the most secure way to communicate long-term, especially if you choose to use your real name or describe specific details that relate to your organization. After you’ve been introduced and had a chance to talk together, we recommend that you connect with your Kingdom Consultant through an end-to-end encrypted messenger, such as Signal.

Using Switchboard in High-risk Contexts

Switchboard stores a very small amount of data about our Great Commission organizations and Kingdom Consultants. As such, we have designed the platform to help lower risk for all users when connecting with other believers around the world for the Kingdom. Please consider the following as you determine whether or not to deploy Switchboard for your work:

  • Switchboard creates connections between people who are more often than not the greatest risk factor for organizations and for technology. As such, we always recommend that you do not include any information on our platform that, if leaked, would put you, your team, or those you serve at risk. Furthermore, refrain from sharing any critical information with other users that goes beyond the scope of your connection.
  • In some cultures and countries, associations between you and Switchboard or its users may create additional risks for you and your organization. If you serve in a hostile context, your internet traffic may be monitored. If you were to, for example, forget to turn on your VPN, then you would be associated with Switchboard.

If you are operating in a high-risk context, always consult a security professional for determining risk factors and mitigation strategies before signing up.

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