Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List

Become a Kingdom Consultant

You can serve the purpose of Jesus’ Great Commission without quitting your day job or leaving your home. Global mission organizations need your specific professional skills and expertise for short-term, fixed-hour challenges. They need you—the accountant, marketer, admin, trainer, IT specialist. 

When you take on a Virtual Role or one-hour consult, mission teams can stay focused on their local needs. Volunteering one hour of your efficient expertise might save them ten or more hours of hit-and-miss frustration. 

See who wants to help

Kingdom Consultants are believers who is willing to be available to share their skills, talents and experience with the body of Christ.

Software expertise available

Scott is a seasoned business software professional who loves helping Faith-minded organizations become more effective in pursuing the Great Commission.

Ready to problem solve

Rachelle is a problem solver at heart and has worked in experience marketing and field marketing for large Fortune 500 companies, along with extensive event-related experience. She is making herself available to help GCOs design life-changing experiences.

Entrepreneur on call

Nick is a serial entrepreneur with experience as a marketing specialist. He's making himself available to help GCOs around the world grow and thrive.

Passing on ministry experience

Becky grew up cross-culturally and then lived in Indonesia for 12 years. Her experience allowed her to provide mentoring and guidance to missionaries serving in that part of the world.

Available marketing expert

Joel is passionate about all things entrepreneurial, business, marketing and technology, and he is making himself available to serve others to help grow the kingdom of God.

Ministry experience

Kat has volunteered in multiple ministry roles and wants to use her passion and experience to serve ministries around the world.

Missions and business experience

Jared served in ministry overseas for three years and is now a management consultant focused on business process improvement, governance, change management, and decision analysis. He's making himself available to help ministries around the world succeed.

Experienced accountant

Lance has more than forty years of experience in public accounting consulting and advising business owners on taxation, financial reporting, and estate planning. He is available to connect with those who need help with accounting for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Devops help

Denton is a software engineer specializing in software architecture and DevSecOps who is passionate about writing great applications that help people!  Peter has made himself available to Great Commission impact and is helping ministries identify web app solutions.


See who you can help

Great Commission Organizations around the world are looking for believers like you to offer their skills, talents and experience with the body of Christ.

Web app next steps

Pete is considering rebuilding their current website to a new web app and wanted to talk with someone to identify options, challenges and next steps.

Accounting setup help needed

Andrew is starting a business as mission abroad and wants to connect with a Kingdom Consultant who might know the best accounting setup for this kind of business.

Looking for tax guidance

Claire is a missionary serving abroad who had some questions about my personal taxes, particularly about the foreign income tax exemption.

Looking for business guidance

Jon is building a tech business as mission to benefit his community both financially and spiritually. He is looking to connect with someone who has experience building a tech-related small business.

Cyber security software questions

Pete serves with a ministry working in sensitive locations and wanted to talk with a cybersecurity expert to help him make sense of some of the software solutions they were considering.

IT help needed

Brent's ministry grew from having 3 computers to about 40, and was struggling with how to manage them. He reached out to a Kingdom Consultant to learn how he could tackle this challenge.

Fundraising plan help

Fin is leading in a ministry and wanted to connect with a Kingdom Consultant to help him make a fundraising plan.

Business develop questions

Kirk works with unreached people and is looking for help with business development and school development in Africa.

Seeking missionary mentorship

Rachel is working hard to combat human trafficking in Indonesia. The ministry is growing amidst many challenges. She wants to connect with a missionary who had served in the same area of the world and learn from their experience and perspective.

Web hosting questions

Fin leads a ministry in southeast Asia and is looking for help identifying good low-cost options for hosting a website and managing email communication.

Breaking the work down

Karen is about to move overseas and begin a new role. She wants to connect with a Kingdom Consultant who can help her take all those many details and break them down into attainable tasks, get a timeline set up, and then work the system.

Actionable spreadsheet

Kim just needed help setting up a spreadsheet and making it functional to track some key ministry details


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Download the Build Your Dream Team worksheet to imagine what it would look like to have your mission at full capacity.

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The mission forward together

How the process works

We want you to find meaningful opportunities to steward your God-given talents.

Create a profile

Sign up

It all starts with just signing up. Ater registering for an account, you will receive an email that will take you to the next step.

Create your profile

Answer a couple questions about your skills, talents, experience, passions and interests.  This will help Great Commission Organizations (GCOs) connect with you. And you can always come back and update your profile as needed.

A connection request is made

A GCO browses the catalog and chooses a topic they want help with. The connection request will be sent to multiple KCs who have made their expertise available on the requested topics.

The connection request is accepted

When you receive a request, you can decide if it's a good match and either accept, decline or ask a clarifying question.

Whoever responds first will be connected and the request it will no longer be available to other KCs who received it.

KC & GCO Introduction

Both you and GCO are sent an email so you can coordinate how you want to have the conversation.

Connect for a conversation

You and GCO have a one-hour conversation focused on the topic requested by the GCO and together you move the mission forward.

Continue making an impact

After the conversation, you will receive a survey to provide feedback to help Switchboard continue hosting impactful conversations.

After your initial conversation, you can stay connected with the same GCO or connect with new ones. It's up to you.

As you receive more requests, you can continue bringing their best to the Great Commission.


Provide expertise in an initial short connection to help GCOs move the mission forward. Conversations are currently available in several categories.

Looking for a topic we don't currently have?

We will update the catalog in two primary ways:

1. Wider breadth of categories

As we hear needs from Great Commission Organizations, we will add new categories that will contain various specialties.

2. Deeper stock of specialties

As we hear from our Kingdom Consultant community, we will expand the specialties offered in each category to better represent the value they can bring to the Great Commission.

Help us grow the catalog.

If you have ideas for categories or specialties, please share them. We want to hear from you as we grow the platform.

Your message has been submitted.
We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
Oops! Something went wrong.


Everything you need to know about connecting for conversations.

Why is my connection request no longer available?

Another Kingdom Consultant accepted that request before you did

What does that mean? When a GCO creates a request for a one-hour call, we take that request and match it to up to four Kingdom Consultants (KCs). The first KC to accept that request is connected to the GCO. Anyone who didn't respond to that request will receive a notification informing them that the request is no longer available.

Worried that you won't get a chance to serve? Fear not! As we continue to onboarding new missions efforts around the world to be a part of Switchboard, you will receive more and more opportunities for you to impact the Great Commission.

Is my personal information secure when I create a profile?

All user information is stored in encrypted databases & transferred using encrypted internet protocols.

Can I customize the frequency and types of opportunities I get emailed?

At present, you cannot customize the frequency of opportunities you receive, as these are subject to demand. If you need to take a break from receiving opportunities through Switchboard, contact support@globalswitchboard.io and we will pause all incoming requests to your profile for a desired period of time. 

Switchboard offers opportunities for one hour calls through our platform based on the specialties listed in our catalog. If you no longer want to receive certain types of one hour conversations, edit your profile and remove the no-longer-desired specialty from your profile.

How often will I receive service opportunities in my email?

The volume of service opportunities you receive is entirely dependent on the number of Great Commission Organizations who are joining Switchboard and requesting conversation. On top of that, we don't see the same level of demand for every specialty we list in our catalog. As such, we cannot guarantee you any particular frequency of service opportunities.

The key here is to make yourself available for the Great Commission, invite missionaries, church planters, and ministry workers you know to join the platform. Please continue to pray that God multiplies the number of Great Commission Organizations on our platform.

Does Global Switchboard guarantee I'll find a service opportunity that matches my skill set?

We can guarantee that you will only receive opportunities to serve that match the specialties you add to your profile. However, we are always learning and trying to find ways to help translate needs into specialties. Sometimes our specialties miss the mark and we need to reword them or add new specialties to our catalog. Keep us posted by messaging our support team or making suggestions in our catalog so we can provide better matches over time.

Is there any financial compensation for providing my expertise?

On Switchboard, the expectation is for you to volunteer one hour of your time to share expertise and talk with a ministry worker in one of our Great Commission organizations. We are not a freelance site and do not support paid service providers operating through our platform. Once you've wrapped up that initial call, you are free to move on from the connection. We'll send you a short feedback form to ask how it went.

That being said, we've had several connections where both parties really connected and felt a shared sense of mission.

In those cases, those two have kept talking to one another for a few follow-up calls or even worked on a project together beyond that initial one-hour conversation. However, even in those cases, those users have maintained a volunteering relationship rather than a contractor/freelancer relationship.

How many requests can I make per month?

You can make as many requests as you want per month. Bring the needs and we will bring the Kingdom Consultants!

Can I connect with more than one GCO at a time?

Yes! You may connect with more than one GCO at a time.

But take into consideration that initial conversations may lead to more ways you may help that GCO if you so choose.

Let’s start with one connection and grow from there.

Can a conversation become a project?

Many times a simple conversation or task reveals a broader issue that requires more time.

Sometimes the KC from the initial conversation is able to work on the resulting project. But other times, they may not have the time or expertise needed. 

But don't worry. All you need to do is make another more specific request now that you know more clearly what you need.

How does the scheduling work?

You will initially direct messages through the Switchboard, where the communication will evolve into possible emails or texts.

Once connected, you can coordinate schedules and communication methods.

What is a conversation?

It's just a one-hour conversation around a specific topic. It could be done through a video conferencing tool, WhatsApp, or any number of other ways to connect.

This initial connection between the GCO and the KC is not necessarily to solve all the issues. Just make a connection first and discuss the topic or task at hand. If that task can be solved or a resolution plan layout within the hour, great.

At the end of the conversation, the GCO and the KC may mutually decide to continue the connection with a follow-up or a project if more help is needed.