Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List
Switchboard Connections List

Become a Kingdom Consultant

You have a role to play in God's global story.

Providing advise or expertise in a call can help a GCO complete a vital project and make a tangible impact.

Great Commission Connections

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How you can help.

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With GCOs who need help.

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The mission forward together

How the process works

We want you to find meaningful opportunities to steward your God-given talents.

Create a profile

Sign up

It all starts with just signing up. Ater registering for an account, you will receive an email that will take you to the next step.

Set up your profile

Answer a couple questions about your skills, talents, experience, passions and interests.  This will help Great Commission Organizations (GCOs) connect with you. And you can always come back and update your profile as needed.

Connect for a conversation

Within a couple of days, you should receive an email or a notification within the Switchboard app of GCOs requesting your help. You can then accept or reject based upon task, time or commitment, as well as coordinate next steps.

Continue making an impact

After your initial conversation, you can choose to continue working with the same GCO or connect with new ones. It's up to you.


Provide expertise in an intial short connections to help GCOs move the mission forward. Conversations are currently available in 5 categories.

Find your Great Commission impact.

Download the Find Your Impact guide to explore what great commission opportunities await you.

Find your impact guide

Build your ministry team.

Download the Build Your Dream Team worksheet to imagine what it would look like to have your mission at full capacity.

Build your team guide

Conversation FAQ's

Everything you need to know about connecting for conversations.

What if there's a communication issue?

Miscommunication happens. We get it.

If you're having difficulty with your conversation, just reach out. We're here to help.

Can I connect with more than one GCO at a time?

Yes! You may connect with more than one GCO at a time.

But take into consideration that initial conversations may lead to more ways you may help that GCO if you so choose.

Let’s start with one connection and grow from there.

How does the scheduling work?

You will initially direct messages through the Switchboard, where the communication will evolve into possible emails or texts.

Once connected, you can coordinate schedules and communication methods. 

What is a conversation?

It's just a one-hour conversation around a specific topic. It could be done through a video conferencing tool, WhatsApp, or any number of ways to connect.

This initial connection between the GCO and the KC is not necessarily to solve all the issues. Just make a connection first and discuss the topic or task at hand. If that task can be solved or a resolution plan layout within the hour, great.

At the end of the conversation, the GCO and the KC may mutually decide to continue the connection with a follow-up or a project if more help is needed.