Sep 5, 2023

From 3 hours to eternity

Your talents, skills and experience can multiply when your make yourself available

From 3 hours to eternity

Joel is passionate about all things entrepreneurial, business, marketing and technology, and he is making himself available to serve others to help grow the kingdom of God.

As a business owner, it’s not every day that he gets to dive into making a Great Commission impact.

Through Switchboard, he discovered the significant impact he could make using his expertise towards the Great Commission. Joel decided to make himself available to the global body of Christ and become a Kingdom Consultant.

As a Kingdom Consultant, he has connected in one-hour conversations with three missionaries across southeast Asia, sharing his knowledge of web development, graphic design and entrepreneurship. 

In his first connection with a Great Commission Organization, Joel was able to help a business-as-mission leader who was building a web development business. They wanted to connect with someone who could provide insight into how to get started the right way. It was a great match. 

Next, he was able to help the director of a missionary training center who needed guidance on how to design and create a website for the ministry. He was able to help them identify affordable options to meet their needs.

Joel was also able to connect with a woman leading an anti-human trafficking ministry who wanted a consultation about how to create a logo for a ministry initiative. 

These connections were spread across about a month, but the impact will extend into eternity. 

These three missionaries were able to find the help they needed and can now focus on moving the Great Commission forward. Joel’s availability for three hours of conversations is making an eternal impact. 

God is able to use the talents, skills and experience you have when you make yourself available to the global body of Christ