NonProfit Development and Fundraising

We don't do it for the money, but funding plays a vital role in moving the mission forward.

So whether it's raising funds for critical projects or personal support, Switchboard wants to get Great Commission Organizations and Individuals the help they need.

Connect with Kingdom Consultants who assist your development and fundraising efforts through grant writing, donor research, event planning, and marketing and communications efforts.

Looking for a topic we don't currently have?

We will update the catalog in two primary ways.

Wider breadth of categories

As we hear needs from Great Commission Organizations we will add new categories that will contain various specialties.

Deeper stock of specialties

As we hear from our Kingdom Consultant community, we will expand the specialties offered in each category to better represent the value they can bring to the Great Commission.

Help us grow the catalog.

If you have ideas for categories or specialties, please share them. We want to hear from you as we grow the platform.

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