Sep 1, 2023

One-Hour Conversation Guide

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Kingdom Impact through one-hour calls

One-Hour Conversation Guide

Welcome to your Global Switchboard one-hour conversation! This guide aims to help Great Commission Organizations (GCOs) and Kingdom Consultants (KCs) have a fruitful dialogue that advances the Kingdom.

Objectives for the Conversation

  1. The primary goal is for the GCO to walk away with actionable steps or a clear direction.
  2. KCs should focus on gaining a deep understanding of the GCO's issue or opportunity.

For GCOs (Great Commission Organizations)

You set a goal and selected a specialty when you created your request. These choices are crucial for setting the context and expectations for your call.

For KCs (Kingdom Consultants)

You've been briefed on the GCO's goals and context. Use this information as a springboard to delve into the nuances of the problem or opportunity.

Suggested Conversation Agenda

Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Briefly introduce yourselves and your stories.
  • Take a moment to pray together.
  • Confirm the GCO's description, goal, and selected specialty. You can find these in your connection email

Problem or Opportunity Discussion (10 minutes)

  • GCO presents the issue or opportunity in greater detail.
  • KC asks initial clarifying questions.

Deep Dive (35 minutes)

  • Both parties engage in a detailed exploration of the issue.
  • KC focuses on asking in-depth questions.
  • GCO provides added context as needed.

Actionable Steps and Closing Remarks (10 minutes)

  • Summarize key points.
  • Agree on actionable steps or a clear direction for the GCO to take.

Real-World Example

Let’s say the GCO is looking for information on how to integrate a payment portal into his ministry’s website in order to create a crowdfunding site for local ministry efforts.

The KC would want to spend a few minutes understanding the requirements for a full-scale solution, then identify the goal for the one-hour call.

 In this case, the goal for the call was to create a small JavaScript app to use the payment portal’s SDK.  This goal was the first step in the larger solution.

The Outcome

The KC was also able to provide the vocabulary the GCO would need to use to hire a contractor or select a volunteer to build out the full-scale solution. This job description gave the GCO a clear next action to achieve the larger goal.

Tips and Tools for Success

Key for Success as a KC

Understand the GCO’s problem or opportunity and break the problem or opportunity into smaller achievable steps.  If possible, complete the first step on the call, or provide the GCO with a clear next action to perform after the call.  If your schedule allows, schedule a follow-up call with the GCO to continue.  This last step is not expected but a wonderful opportunity if both parties find it beneficial.

Key for Success as a GCO

Clearly articulate your problem or opportunity, understand what is feasible in a one-hour call and ensure the advice you receive is clear and actionable.  Thank the KC for their time and willingness to work together to move your ministry’s mission forward.

Collaboration Tools

Web calls on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or WhatsApp are recommended. Virtual whiteboards like Miro or Jamboard can be helpful, as can Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive for shared note-taking.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Information Overload

KCs, avoid overwhelming your conversation partner with too much information at once.

Misaligned Expectations

This one-hour conversation isn’t a project scoping call. Stay focused on the outlined objectives.

Got an issue with a connection?

Reach out to us at if you are having trouble with a connection. We’ll get that sorted out.

We hope this guide helps make your conversation successful. Shortly after your call together, you will receive a feedback form from us; please take the time to complete it. Your feedback helps us improve and refine the Switchboard experience for everyone.