Aug 4, 2023

A New Kind of Mission Trip

What if you could go on a one-hour mission trip?

A New Kind of Mission Trip

The accessibility of air travel in the 20th century brought about what we know today as short-term missions. 

But what the airplane did for missions in the past hundred years, the internet is doing today.

An emerging shift.

The internet has been around for a while, but our shared pandemic experience has expanded what people consider possible regarding online connections and collaboration. 

Pre-pandemic, I knew very few people would consider seeing a counselor on Zoom. They thought it wouldn’t be as effective. 

But now, a few years later, I know quite a few who say it’s what they prefer. They have access to broader resources, and scheduling is way easier. 

Similarly, the mission field has now become more accessible to millions.

What if you could go on a one-hour mission trip? 

Would you say yes?

There are missionaries around the world asking to connect with someone like you.

There are missionaries all over the world who have questions about topics like IT, education, construction, marketing, business, accounting, HR, parenting, and so much more.

But they don’t know who to ask. 

So they end up wearing too many hats trying to tackle the challenges life and ministry throw at them. This often leads to burnout, especially in under-resourced areas of the world.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

God has called the whole body of Christ to the Great Commission. And that includes you and me.

The world has changed.

What the airplane did for short-term missions in the 20th century, the smartphone is doing today. Serving in the Great Commission is now more accessible than ever before. Not only can you get on a plane and serve anywhere in the world for a week. Now you can pull out your phone for an hour and make a tangible global mission impact. 

We have a role to play.

  • Are you an accountant? You could help someone doing business as missions improve their bookkeeping skills.
  • Do you enjoy writing? You could help a missionary on the field tell the story of their ministry.
  • Are you a builder or structural engineer? You could help a ministry discover what options to consider when building a new dormitory at an orphanage. 

When you bring your expertise, something that might only take you an hour saves a missionary 5, 10 or 20 hours. We can have this kind of outsized impact.

Let’s say yes to being available to the body of Christ. 

Switchboard is a platform for connecting believers globally, so those with needs and those who can help know each other. We match everyday believers to the mission field so that everyone can bring their best and make a Great Commission impact.

When you create a Kingdom Consultant profile, you'll share your skills, talents and experience.

And then Great Commission Organizations or Individuals who need that kind of help can reach out to schedule a one-hour conversation and move the mission forward together.

It's super simple. 

And the next step is being available.

I encourage you to take a few minutes right now to create your Kingdom Consultant profile. 

Imagine serving a local church in Liberia, a missionary family in Chile or a Business as Missions in Thailand. All without getting on a plane or even leaving your house.

Thank you for being part of reaching the world for Christ.