It can be very stressful when you don't know the next step to take when if comes to healthcare or medical needs.

Switchboard will soon be launching connections to provide Great Commission Organizations and Individuals with the healthcare help they need.

We are currently building a community of Kingdom Consultants to serve these healthcare needs.

Some of the specialties we're looking for include:

  • Medical Professional - General Discussion
  • Speech Pathology
  • Medical Clinic Administration
  • Mental Health / Counseling

If you have other medical expertise that you believe could be helpful to a Great Commission Organization or Individual, sign up and let us know. We're constantly growing the platform.



No items found.

Looking for a topic we don't currently have?

We will update the catalog in two primary ways.

Wider breadth of categories

As we hear needs from Great Commission Organizations we will add new categories that will contain various specialties.

Deeper stock of specialties

As we hear from our Kingdom Consultant community, we will expand the specialties offered in each category to better represent the value they can bring to the Great Commission.

Help us grow the catalog.

If you have ideas for categories or specialties, please share them. We want to hear from you as we grow the platform.

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