May 26, 2023

How much impact can you make in 30 minutes?

A look at a real life Great Commission connection.

How much impact can you make in 30 minutes?

Connecting everyday believers across the world.… 

But what does that truly mean? 

How does that logistically work? 

And does it really work?

Let’s take a look at a real-life connection.

Fox lives in the South Philippines and is the director of an organization that equips and trains pastors to minister to unreached people groups. 

Through Switchboard, he expressed an interest in speaking with an engineer about an issue he had with a well. In addition, he wanted to talk with a teacher regarding some school curriculum. However, when we were connecting with him one day, he was a little late and appeared very frazzled.

Fox shared that one of his employees' husbands had been diagnosed with tuberculosis. 

Now, if you don’t know much about tuberculosis, it is highly contagious and deadly. The woman had no signs of sickness; however, she helped prepare the food, and that would be a huge risk to take! Fox was torn. Does he let her go? Does he risk exposing his team?

Switchboard connected Fox quickly with a family pediatrician in the States who walked him through how to manage risk properly, gave protocols for the husband and how the woman could continue working without risk.

All in less than an hour.

Connecting everyday believers across the world is more than our slogan. It’s what God is currently doing, and it’s changing lives.

Missionaries today are torn away from their primary focus of spreading the Gospel. And instead are faced with too many different tasks and problems they are not fully equipped to complete. 

Their network may not include people with these skills or experience. That’s why we’re working to connect missionaries like Fox to believers like you.

And if you are still wondering about the engineer and the teacher that was initially needed. Yes, Fox was connected with them as well. 

Each of these conversations was brief, less than an hour, but their impact extended much further, multiplying through the ministry. So Fox can continue to focus on reaching the unreached.

You can have this same multiplying impact.

Join Switchboard as a Kingdom Consultant to connect your skills and expertise to the Great Commission.