Oct 5, 2023

Unleash Your Great Commission Expertise: GCOs serving as KCs

For GCOs looking to volunteer their time, this post overviews how you can create your very own KC profile

Unleash Your Great Commission Expertise: GCOs serving as KCs

Are you one of our Great Commission Organizations (GCOs) and keen on leveraging your expertise to serve others? Consider becoming a Kingdom Consultant (KC)on the Global Switchboard platform. Here's how:

Step 1: Use a Separate Email

We recommend using a different email to manage your Kingdom Consultant account. Log out from your current device or use another device to ensure there's no mix-up with your existing GCO account.

For example, if you currently create and manage requests using your work laptop, we recommend you logout of that account. Then, create a new account with a separate email address on that same laptop. Alternatively, you can create a KC profile using a separate email address without ever logging out by creating a KC account on your phone or in a different web browser.

Step 2: Create Your Kingdom Consultant Account

Head to our KC Sign-up page, input your email address, and verify your KC email.

Step 3: Build Your Profile

Select your unique skills, talents, and areas of expertise. Add a personal touch by sharing some information about yourself.

Step 4: Go Live

Save your profile thus making yourself available for requests from fellow GCOs. Voila, you're now a Kingdom Consultant!

As a Kingdom Consultant, you'll be notified of new connections and receive connection requests via email. You can respond to these requests right from your inbox or through your very own KC Dashboard. 

The specialized skills you've gained from cross-cultural or ministry experiences are invaluable assets that many marketplace Kingdom Consultants may not possess. By serving in this capacity, you help other GCOs maximize their Kingdom impact, enriching the broader Christian community.

Take the first step today and open doors for both receiving and giving back, all under the same unified platform.